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Freckle Face Pick & Mix Wax Melts

What are wax melts?
Wax melts are a wick-free alternative to scented candles.  Instead of lighting a wick and burning the wax, wax melts can be used in a wax warming device, some of which are flame-free so perfect around children and pets.  
Wax melts also deliver better throw power than traditional scented candles even without being melted.  They are an affordable way to experiment with luxury home fragrance as they deliver all the quality of a luxury scented candle, without the hefty price tag.
They work by releasing fragrance oils from the wax as it is melted.  Our wax melts are made using a blend of essential oils, fragrance oils and botanicals so will also have huge scent throw power without being melted.
How do I use wax melts?
Ceramic Wax Melter: If you have a wax melter, simply put a tealight in the holder and place the wax melt in the burner.  We recommend using our soya tealights which offer a consistent and clean burn.  Make sure you follow the safety instructions when burning tealights.
Each of our wax melts offer approximately 20 hours of burn time.
Electric Melter: Electric melters are a great option for fragrancing your home without any flame, perfect for homes with children or pets.  Simply add one wax melt to the melter section and plug it in to transform your space.
Why should I choose Freckleface wax melts?
Freckleface wax melts - in fact all Freckleface wax products are made from soya wax.  This means that they are vegan friendly and importantly, unlike most other wax melts, are paraffin-free - so there are no nasty toxins being released into your home when you use our melts.
What is the difference between soya wax and paraffin wax?
Soya wax (or soy wax) is made from the soya bean, a natural product which creates a consistent and clean burn.  It is also vegan friendly and all our soya wax is ethically sourced.
Paraffin wax is made using the waste product left as part of the process from turning crude oil into petrol and, when burned, emits harmful toxins which should not be inhaled.  Paraffin wax will also change the fragrance added when lit, somewhat defeating the object of home fragrancing.

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